Informationals & Recruitment Events


Spring 2021 Recruitment has concluded.

Stay tuned for our Fall 2021 Recruitment Schedule!  


Dues are $50 per semester (non-refundable). New members are accepted in September & February. Each member will receive one free AWIB t-shirt and personalized notebook for their first year in AWIB. Returning members will receive the new AWIB t-shirt and AWIB button. 

Dues may be paid online.

Joining a Committee

In addition to the General Application, there will be an optional application to join one of the following committees:


  • Events Committee (Fall 2020)

  • External Affairs Committee (Fall 2020 only)

  • Finance Committee (Fall 2020 only)

  • Human Resources Committee (Fall 2020 only)

  • Marketing Committee (Fall 2020 only)


You must fill out a General Application to join AWIB, however, the Committee Member Application is not mandatory.  

Membership Requirements

 All members are required to attend three professional development, three social events, and one fundraiser (per semester). Meetings are a great opportunity to socialize and network with other members. We will have successful business professionals as guest speakers at every meeting. 


Meetings held by committees are not counted towards your membership participation. These positions are optional and are available to those who want to become more involved in AWIB.