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Executive Board Applications

About the Roles


The President takes initiative in the management of the Executive Board to plan and execute progressive goals that improve the experience for members. The President is very active in communicating with each role. The semi-annual Book Club event is primarily conducted by the President. This position will require many skills including but not limited to: leadership, communication, problem solving, and conflict resolution.


VP Marketing

The VP of Marketing will update our website and social media on a regular basis while highlighting member accomplishments. Through the updating of our social media sites, pictures, ads, and events, one will advertise upcoming and past events within AWIB. Throughout the semester the VP of Marketing, along with the committee, will design semester merchandise. VP of Marketing will also be in charge of managing all marketing aspects of Aggie Women in Business.


VP Human Resources

The VP of Human Resources will prepare and plan all recruiting activities, including but not limited to MSC and Mays Open House, recruiting materials, informationals, interviews, and ultimately member selection. Membership requirements, such as attendance, will also fall under their responsibilities. In addition, the VP of Human Resources will also be expected to communicate with members through monthly emails, store and update member information, and keep track of member points.


VP Events

The VP of Events will be responsible for the planning and execution of all socials with the aid of their committee. This position requires a creative mindset for planning events that will bring together our community of like-minded business women in a welcoming and fun environment. The VP of Events will need to communicate promptly with the VP of Finance for all budgeting purposes. In addition, the VP of Events will need to secure venues in a timely manner, procure the optimal amount of supplies needed for each event, and negotiate pricing for events when necessary. Throughout the year, the VP of Events and their committee will be planning the end of year banquet, "Pearls and Twirls".


VP External Affairs

The VP of External Affairs will be responsible for obtaining speakers for all professional development events. As the VP of External Affairs, one will plan and execute the annual Networking Dinner with the help of their committee. Other responsibilities include: reserving rooms for meetings, writing thank you cards, preparing speaker gifts, and planning occasional catering. Together with the VP of Finance, one will reach out to companies and gain sponsors to assist AWIB in the planning of events.


VP Finance

The VP of Finance will be responsible for setting a budget for the AWIB Executive Board. Other responsibilities include paying invoices, making deposits, reconciling monthly statements, keeping record of all expenses, and communicating with the President and Advisor for any needed signatures. The VP of Finance collects all membership dues throughout the year and makes all monetary deposits to the Student Organization Finance Center. As the head of Marketplace, the VP of Finance is responsible for the payment collection and distribution of all merchandise items as well as conducting bimonthly inventory counts.

Application Requirements

To be eligible to apply for President, applicants must have completed a minimum of 1 year in AWIB.

To be eligible to apply for VP of HR, VP of External Affairs, VP of Events, VP of Finance, or VP of Marketing, there is no minimum membership requirement. That is, newly-selected members from Spring 2019 are eligible!​


Do keep in mind no prior officer or committee experience is required for any positions.


Applications for President will be due Friday, March 8 by 5:00 pm to

Applications for all other positions will be due Friday, March 22 by 5:00 pm to

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